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Pope Francis and President Obama have been the biggest figures addressing the young Cubans since Raul Castro took presidency. In these two videos they speak to young Cubans encouraging hope and faith but also empowering them with a discourse of self-determination, self-governance and inclusion in a faithful and free liberal world. In the context of Cuba’s biggest governmental transformation since 1959, their insistence on affecting young Cubans’ rationality, the impact of Cuba’s social changes are embraced by the nominal, inclusive, global, political projects.

I have been inspired by a tension that appeals to me when accepting President Obama’s and pope Francis’ ideas of a particular form of human existence and a particular political order as desirable, with the false responsibility of saving young Cubans, only in a nominal sense. It seems to me that the actual proces of young Cubans achieving this existential form in an unregulated global political order requires other transformations than their governmental rationality.

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